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Corporate Gift Packages

These are the current corporate gift packages that we offer.  All products are subject to availability.  All Products are USDA Inspected.

Package 1:   One Whole Hickory Smoked Turkey 10-12 lbs. (frozen)    $59.95 each

Package 2:   One Hickory Smoked Bone-in Turkey Breast
( 6 - 8 lbs each, frozen)  $55.95 each


Package 3:   3 each 3 pound Applewood Smoked Whole Chicken (2.75 lbs each, frozen)  $69.95 per package

*All frozen product is shipped in styrofoam coolers with a box for immediate delivery.  Shipping is included for Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota.

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